Problem solving at work

Four Problem Solving Tactics You Should Be Using With Your Team

There is a great importance of problem-solving skills in the workplace. Solving is a universal career skill that applies to any location and every industry. Although everyone has worked on some form of work-related problems in their workplace, not all employees are good at it.

In order to be able to solve a problem, you need to know the desired outcome, obstacles, relevant teams and departments. In order to help with this, you’ll need a tool that facilitates collaboration, encourages creative thinking and makes it easier to implement the fix you devise. So, here at ideamapper, we have come up with 4 key problem-solving tools you can use with your team. The maps have been created using ideamapper for Business.

Mind Mapping

Using mind mapping is a quick and easy solution to dealing with problems that are constantly arising in the world of business. Mind mapping’s informal process can often spark creativity with its quick-fire idea approach leading to imaginative solutions. Mind maps are also a great way to organise your team: setting out job roles and KPI’s for your team so everyone is on the same page.

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Concept Mapping

A great way to shape your concept around a potential solution. With a Concept Map, you can show links between ideas and how they connect. Using Ideamapper software, it’s easier than ever to show the relationships between concepts and ideas for your business. The links make it easy to explain to your team how each part of the solution links to the next and what their relationship is.

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Flow Charts

Flowcharts are great tools in business for simplifying a situation and making problems easy to understand. You can show the whole process of solving a problem, and along the way explore all obstacles and questions that have arisen. Another great way flow charts can be used is when working out the logistics in a company. Each stage of the process can be clearly laid out and roles can be assigned to the relevant personnel who can then delegate to their team. This is a good way to simplify complex processes that involve many layers.

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Strategy Maps

These are great tools for uncharted territory, for example, if you’re starting a new project it's important the whole team knows where they stand, what they are responsible for, and when things need to be completed by. Strategy maps clearly show the end goal as the centre point with each relevant section as the links. E.g: marketing, sales team and development. This gives each group a clear plan of their responsibilities.

how to get exam ready using ideamapper

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