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How to Get Exam Ready Using Ideamapper

Revising and studying for exams can be a really difficult, daunting and overwhelming experience, even for the most prepared of students. We may experience moments like these throughout our time at school, whilst studying at university or encounters in the workplace.

The thought of revision, planning and preparing work in preparation for an exam, whilst trying to also remember key information, can become a real struggle.

Mind mapping assists with revision by helping you to simultaneously retain and recall information. This can all be done through the simple method of breaking information down into manageable pieces, and then organizing them in a style best suited to your revision style! Whether that be through the use of color, imagery or keywords.

Using mind mapping software such as ideamapper, you will be able to plan revision schedules, prepare for exam questions and brainstorm new and cultivating ideas. You can even customise your maps by color coding each idea according to your own needs/goals.

Overall, mind mapping is an excellent technique to get exam and revision ready, it can have a positive impact on how you can learn and recall information. Below are some handy tips to get you started revising with ideamapper.

how to get exam ready using ideamapper

Use it to help manage your time

To prepare for any type of examination, you must be able to know how to manage your time efficiently. Using mind maps will allow you to break down each subject and its subsequent topics, distinguish timeframes and prioritize the most important upcoming exams.

You can also color code each subject area, and even use a traffic light system to show which exams are coming up first. Use green for the exams that are furthest away, amber for upcoming exams and red for impending exams. This will help to establish what areas need your attention first.

Writing concisely – by ditching the paragraphs

Instead of using long and continuous paragraphs of text, try brainstorming key ideas as an alternative. Create a central idea, followed by using ideamapper's rapid-fire to write down important information instantly.

Having one reference point for all of your information will then make it easier to make connections between subjects, ideas and topics at one glance.

Identify any weak areas of knowledge

By mind mapping your ideas and getting the key information down, you can easily identify areas in need of attention. At a glance, it is easy to identify which areas can be expanded on allowing you to further research into a subject.

Improve retention

Boosts your ability to remember key facts, information and data through the use of a multi-sensory approach to learning. With ideamapper, you can co-ordinate your ideas, subject areas and exam information using colors, web links, audio files and images.

This multi-sensory approach appeals to the way the brain naturally takes in information. Not to mention the visual aspect of mind mapping, which promotes engagement and improves memory retention! The ability to recall the information will be improved the more you use concise notes, color and images.

Use for revision and practice purposes

Once you have presented your information into ideamapper, you can then use it to transfer the information and recall it into your brain. Start by creating a detailed map using your notes.

With your map designed, try creating the same mind map from scratch – however this time, without your notes. By doing this, you can test your knowledge in a non-standard “test” format. This keeps revision fresh and interesting, whilst increasing the association between your information and the colors and imagery links you have chosen.

Share with friends

Finally, share your work with friends and classmates! Is there anything on your mind map that they could expand? Any references to add or any discussion points that they could raise?

Friends and classmates can include their work in a different color, showing what their thoughts and contributions have been included. This allows others to provide a group effort for exam preparation!

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