Browser Beta Version Information

The browser version of our software uses a technology called WebAssembly which is very new and is only available in recent versions of browsers. We are making these versions available on an "as is" basis with no warranties whatsoever. While they are not ready for "prime time", you can now trial this exciting new development of our software.

You cannot download this software to your device. However, once opened you can bookmark the page or you can install it as a shortcut or application.

Most of the functionality of the desktop versions of the software is available but there may be bugs present which may mean that the software crashes and that data gets lost. (You have been warned ;-) )

These versions currently have several severe limitations:

  • Requires an internet connection. The program resides on our server and will be downloaded every time you open it.
  • Features may change or may be disabled without notice. The software is still undergoing major development and we therefore recommend that you only use these versions for trialing.
  • Requires a recent browser based on the Chromium engine with WebAssembly support. The software should run fine in recent versions of Google Chrome (minimum version 57), Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, New Microsoft Edge and Opera. Other browsers may work. We will add browser specific information to our website, please bear with us.
  • Will also work in many recent Google Chromebook laptops (requires minimum chrome version 57) but will not work well if the Chromebook is slow.
  • Does not autosave files. Any changes you make will be lost if you close the browser tab. Make sure you save your work.
  • Settings are not saved. When you change any settings in the program these may not be saved and you may have to reset the settings every time you access the browser version.
  • Does not currently support text-to-speech or camera input.
  • Currently uses the "menu bar/tool bar" user interface only.

We are obviously working on all of the above limitations, but in the meantime we have made this version available for you to try. We would very much appreaciate any feedback you may have. Please do not hesitate to send us a message via our support request page.