For Parents

Kids and Parents

ideamapper is a super unique software that is designed to help adults and children alike, so don’t be put off when needing help or support, come and see what ideamapper can do for you and your kids today!

Unlike others, ideamapper is designed to help those of all ability levels, helping unlock and nurture the innate talents of those that are struggling, and helping those who are more advanced to strive further and faster. ideamapper will help maximize those GPA scores for all users.


ideamapper helps a child use what they are best at, their IMAGINATION! Schools are great, and teachers work hard, but a class of kids do not always learn in the same way, or at the same speed. ideamapper lets young people use their creativity and interests to help themselves learn, and most importantly, in their own way and time. By adding sound recordings, colors, pictures, video links, and layers in a 3D view, anyone of any learning style will see benefit in their work.


ideamapper is simple and easy to learn, designed for everyone, and lets be honest, kids these days could run rings around most of us on the computer!

Support for READING and WRITING

Reading and writing skills are tough, and many struggle with them. It is no shame to learn at different speeds, we here at ideamapper all have! ideamapper has built-in spellcheckers and grammar tools, and can be used with speech-to-text for extra support. Assigning colorful pictures instead of reams of text is useful too, as it helps keep everyone motivated and interested! Working from one window for all these features also helps reduce distractions and switching screens. Templates built into the software include many lessons and topics in English, Math, and Science from Kindergarten upwards!

Support for STRUCTURE!

If reading and writing skills are good, then another regular difficulty is structure. ideamapper sees this, and a core focus is to allow kids to translate all those thoughts and ideas in their head, getting them down on paper in a creative and helpful way. This can prove difficult, with many ending up feeling blocked or disappointed with their own work.

With ideamapper, that does not happen. With its split-screen view, you can easily drag and drop ideas and sections around the map to re-structure assignments and homework, making sure the finished product is EXACTLY how it was pictured in your mind! We strongly believe that the more work and creativity you put in at the start, the easier the path becomes at the end! ideamapper will help you see a structure, follow it, and finish it all in one program.


There is so much to consider these days, and we live in a fast world that is only becoming faster. ideamapper helps you keep track of it all, and will teach you how to manage your time, priorities and workload using simple creative maps. With just a click of a button you can order and color-code tasks, making it as simple or complex as you want!

We know lessons can be difficult, so why wait for help when you can take it yourself?! Try a trial of ideamapper here, or if you want to know more, call our family friendly questions team on: +44 20 3951 7234