License Activation

License Activation

General Information

All our software is licensed. As a user, you do not own the software but you purchase a right to its use. Please consult our EULA that came bundled with your software for more information.

License Key

A license key is an alphanumeric character string of 16 characters that contains information about the license you have purchased, for example, yy24-yn5y-ali8-86hp. When you purchase a license you will receive a license key. 

License Key Activation

The software takes a lot of work to create and relatively little work to copy. We encourage you to make copies of the program installer files for safekeeping or to give them to your friends and colleagues so they can install a trial version of the program. However, the license key must only be entered on the specified number of computers according to the end user license agreement (EULA) which accompanies the program.

How does License Key Activation work?

Once you have entered your license key, the key must be activated within 30 days. The program will remind you every time you start it that the key has to be activated. Activation means that your key, together with some information about your computer will be sent to the activation server and, once verified, an activation key which is locked to your computer, will be sent back and the license will be activated. The information sent to our activation site does not contain any personal identifiable information. We do verify that the license will only be activated on as many computers as permitted.

Please note: If you have previously activated your license key and then reinstalled your computer's operating system you may find that the software activation will fail. In this case please contact our activation team or software support with your license key so that we can re-authenticate your license key.

Spark-Space offers the following activation methods:

Online Activation through the Internet (recommended)
Website Activation (using your computer's web browser)
Manual Activation via E-Mail

The first two options can be done online in a matter of minutes. For the other options, manual intervention by the activation team is required and it may take up to two business days for the activation key to be returned to you.

To activate your software, click on Help and then "Activate License Key". This will start the License Activation Wizard dialog where you can choose the activation method. Please follow the instructions displayed by the program to activate the license.
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