Version 2.3 (February 2013): Phrasebank, Clipart and 3D View

Version 2.3 (February 2013): Phrasebank, Clipart and 3D View

Main Features: Phrasebank, Clipart and 3D View 


When editing text you can now access a rich phrasebank by clicking the phrasebank button. We have added two phrasebanks, the Manchester University phrasebank ( and another more simple phrase bank. You can drill down into the phrasebank and when you double click onto a phrase the phrase will be copied into the text.


We have added a clipart viewer and our own clipart library which contains a lot of useful clipart files. You can also access other clipart files from within the viewer.

3D Mode:

The 3D mode is now enabled. It allows you to see your map in virtual 3D by tilting it back, thus enabling you to see a much bigger map.

Other changes:

Ideamap editing:

When you copy text and paste it on the idea map you now have the choice whether you want this text to be pasted as a "titleless" idea, essentially a paragraph of text. The program will display the topic sentence (i.e. the first sentence) as title.

In the idea map settings (Edit->Document Settings...->Ideamap View->Idea Style) you can now select a different method of automatically colouring ideas. Previously you could only have a colour that was dependent on the "level", e.g. "Chapter, Section, ..." of the idea but now you can choose to have all ideas in the same chapter with the same colour. You can combine this with the Text View option of "Colors in Titles->Use Fill Color" and then the program will also show the same colour scheme in the text view, making it easier to see the structure.

You can now customise the table of contents (Edit->Document Settings...->Table of Contents). You can select which idea types are included, how "deep" the table of contents needs to be, whether to print the table indented, etc.

You can now access the selected dictionaries in the text by clicking the "Dictionary" button and use the dictionary to search for word definitions.
In the Premium 3D edition you now have an additional "3D" button which enables the 3D feature. When clicked the map will be tilted automatically so that the entire map is visible and the rotate and tilt thumbwheels allow you to further tilt or rotate the map. While in 3D mode you can edit the map as usual.


We have improved the autosave feature. In addition to creating a single automatic hidden autosave file which will be overwritten every at a given time interval you can now choose for the program to create a new separate autosave file, thus allowing you to go back in time easily. This can be changed in Tools->Options->General Program->Autosave. Note that you also have to have autosave turned ON in the document settings (File->Properties...->Autosave) for autosave to be enabled.

Bug fixes:

This release contains numerous bug fixes in various areas of the code.

Upgrade Information:

Any 1.0,1.1,1.2,2.0,2.1,2.2 license keys will work with this release. We do recommend that you uninstall the program first, then remove the "IdeaMapper" folder from your computers Program Files folder (or Program Files (x86)) and then download and install this update. There is no need to re-enter the license key or to reactivate.