Version 2.7 (May 2018): Quick Start, UI Improvements, Zotero

Version 2.7 (May 2018): Quick Start, UI Improvements, Zotero

Main additional features:

Quick Start Guide: The quick start guide is a document that is loaded immediately when you start the software, it contains information designed to get you going creating essays.

Zotero: You can now link to your Zotero account and access the materials you have stored there directly from within the program.

Tips: Tips of the day are now displayed when opening files and can also be accessed from the Help menu.

Expand/collapse branches and expand/shrink ideas: These functions are now accessible by hovering over an idea. Expanding a branch now only expands the next level. There is also now a function for "show next/previous" branch.

PowerPoint Export: Idea maps can now be exported to power point with each idea representing a single slide. When an idea is marked as "hide in text view", this idea will become a comment on the slide to which it is attached to.

Improved Touch Support: When using on a touch screen the program now uses circular context menus to make it easier to access functionality. When using two fingers you can zoom, and if in 3D you can also tilt and rotate.

Export and Import Word XML Bibliography File: You can now save and restore Word XML bibliography files.

Website Export: Exporting an idea map as a web page will save the map in such a way that you can access it via a web browser.

Open New Window: You can now have multiple windows on the same document open (View->Open New Window) This allows the user to use the software in a multi-screen environment with for example one screen showing the map and another one the text.

Required Word Count: You can now edit the required word count for the central idea in a document and if you turn on "Labels->Show Word Count" in the "Map" menu the word count will be displayed.

Section Numbers: When you turn on "Section Numbers" in the "Labels" sub menu of the "Map" menu the program will display the section number as part of the title.

Site and Email-Licensing: This version introduces site and email licensing.

Bug fixes: This release includes numerous bug fixes.