Version 4.1.0002 (March 2024): Major New Release

Version 4.1.0002 (March 2024): Major New Release

IdeaMapper Release Notes Version 4.1.0002

Which editions are affected?

  • All editions are affected (i.e IdeaMapper K-12, IdeaMapper Higher Ed and IdeaMapper Pro)

How to get this update?

Is this a free update?

  • Yes.

What’s new?

  • Home tab: The new home tab has all the functions required to create a document from brainstorming to publishing
  • Export and Import tabs: Here all the export and import file formats are now all visible and you can export with a single click.
  • Export to Word and PowerPoint improvements: Export into Word and PowerPoint are now much faster and also available on MacOS, Linux and WebApp.
  • Separation of local and online templates and examples. Going forward we will update the online examples and templates so you always have access to the latest examples and templates.
  • Mini view: When panning or zooming a mini view of the map is visible and you can use that to navigate quickly across the map. This mini view can be customised.
  • Ribbon functionality: More functions are now available in the ribbon.
  • Layered maps: IdeaMapperHigherEd and IdeaMapperPro now have layered maps, enabling you to create maps with the same ideas but connected in a different way.
  • Locking of ideas: You can now lock ideas and prevent them from being modified.
  • Spell checking of ideas: A little icon drawn on the bottom right corner of an idea will indicate when an idea title is mispelled.
  • Add sub-idea in text editor: When editing an idea you can now click the "add sub idea" button to create a new idea which is immediately attached to the currently edited idea.

What’s different?

  • Layouts: The layout buttons in the ribbon will only apply to the main central idea on the map and not to subtrees. If you want to change the layout of a subtree, use the context menu for the subtree.
  • Mind mapping: The central idea was previously fixed to the center of the window, but can now be moved.
  • When entering 3D mode the thumbwheels are now attached to the mini view.
  • Renaming of features, "Brainstorm" is now called "Free Brainstorm" and "Create Linked Ideas" is called "Focused Brainstorm".

Bug Fixes

  • Numerous bug fixes.